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MIA and keep in touch.

Hi everyone long time, no post. I am very sorry that I have been MIA but with my laptop broken, the lack of creating anything new. It has very hard to post on the blog. Finding a good app to post on blogger is another challenge I faced. I honestly need a break but have been posting on other social media sites. I also have been podcasting so, a lot of new shows have been added.

      I know that Google has gone a lot of changes, so without posting you may not have any new from in awhile. I have not even updated the website.  I have a lot of work ahead of me.  I am trying to get back into making videos and all those other things that I have enjoyed sharing with you all. I will leave links of all my different social media profile, but you can always go to my website has all links to everything. 

     So I would love to thank you for stopping by the blog today. I hope that you are enjoying your summer, bye for now Eileen


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