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The little crafter show: Happy Crafters HTV on a Hoodie

I am so super excited to share a fun and quick project. Any kind of Heat transfer vinyl ( HTV) or iron vinyl will work, You need a blake item, which I am using a hoodie from Kmart. I am also using a Cricut maker, but any cutting machine will do, you need an iron and something to protect your work surf.  In the video, I am using Happy crafters HTV, Cricut maker, easy press and the easy press mat.
     I cut the letters out using the front called Eagle Bold, sized at 4x4 and 5x5. Once done I heated up my easy press to 305 & the timer to 10. After the letter where all ironed to the jacket, I then iron the inside of the project at the same temp, time and did that a couple of times. I then took off the heat transfer backing each of the letters to all done.

     If you have any comments, questions, please leave them down below, or you can email me at I hope enjoyed this video, please don't forget to like and subscribe. Thank you for watching today's video bye, for now, Eileen,

What I used

Zippered hoodie
Happy Crafters HTV vinyl
Cricut maker and design space
Easy press mat
Easy press


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