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Hello and updates on everything

    Hello everyone, I hope that you ave all well and thank you so very much for supporting my blog. I am indeed very grateful and lucky to have as my readers. I can't thank you all enough so thank you for reading and following along.
    The reason for this blog post is because I am wanted to let say hello, and show updates. I also have some great news to share. I am going to scale back even more on videos. It is that time again summer vacation, but you know me I'll miss making a video so one video and one podcast per week until September 17, 2018, and the excellent new I will see how will bring back mix media Mondays. I will go back to 3 or 4 videos per week.
    Besides getting the fantastic news that I am a Dia domino for Dia&CO. I just found out that my podcast is finally on I did submit my podcast, it was up for review, and then I got an email it would take up to three weeks for my podcast got up. It was such great news, and I wanted to say with you all.

     So back to the little crafter show. I will post videos on Wednesday. Arts, crafts and everything in between, a podcast will still air every Thursday. Not much has changed. I am also planning on posting a few extra blog post. To make up for the lack of videos. So I hope that you are all having a great summer vacation, thank you again for the support and following the blog bye for now Eileen.



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A new path.

I believed that when I started the down this road for better health that it so at the time what was best for me and for a time that it worked. The only problem was that I realized that my journey wasn’t just about my physical health it was about my mental health as well. I would not trade anything in for the help, the love and support that I got during my challenges. So thank you, everyone, for that.

     I am not a hundred percent where this new path is taking me, but I am feeling a lot more confident and focusing more on my inner self. I feel like I have made a significant improvement in my sessions. I do know that some months, weeks or even days are going to be better than others. I am learning to ride the waves, enjoy the journey and stop beating myself up. It started with looking at things that I wanted to change so clothing and makeup have played a massive part in this new mind swift.

     I know that some will say that those are just temporary fixes and your right. I …

While at the beach.

Yes, I am a plus size women at the beach. Yes, I am wearing a two-piece swimsuit to the beach. Yes, I am having a bit of trouble with my top, that I had to readjust it a few times, it is the beach, and these things happen.  So it the couple that kept looking at me that was very rude so much so that I smiled in your face. To older people made feel out of place, again I laughed and kept looking around the beach is so beautiful to look at.
    It is the beach for crying out loud, I won't stop going, stop smiling or wearing my swimsuit. It is brand new. I got it from torrid. Maybe a bigger size may have helped, but summer is almost over.  I know that I don’t have to explain where I go my suit at, getting a bigger size or even that summer is almost over. Maybe to help someone find a great swimsuit for next summer, avoid sizing issues and I don’t want summer to end.

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Working out because you love your body.

Before I start this post would love to thank everyone that has been stopping by to read and give me your input on the blog post. So thank you for my Dia friends and sisters. You all are amazing.

   I am not a doctor, coach or worked for the health department in any way. I do highly suggest that you see your doctor before working out. Take it slow,  it is not about always about losing weight it. It about building your inner and outer strength.  You also may feel some stress relief as well and can improve in a lot of other areas of your life.

     Something that read which really blew my mind,  workout because you love your body. This has helped me a lot in finally enjoying the journey. I trying not bet myself if I miss a day and listen to my collection. I have been trying to not go by the numbers on the scale but how my clothes are fitting, and that has made me a lot happier.  I have also been doing a ketosis ish) diet, working out a few days, dance class once in a while. 

       I …