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Arts, crafts & everything in between: My tips and ticks for being a you tuber and podcaster.

     So here is a new podcast, today I am sharing my tips that I have learn about being a podcaster and you tuber. I have learned about from you tube and just trying to it out. So you will get a bunch of hit and misses.
     I have been a you tuber for 10 years, I started in 2007 and it has been a long road. It has been hard, fun and work. I am not one of you tubes top you tubers and by no means an expert on how it works. I am just like you still trying to figure it out. I just wanted to share what I have learned and what kind of works for me.
   These steps also work for me as a podcaster as well. I have been podcasting for about year or two. I feel like being a you tuber kind helped me about with my podcasting and I am always learning. I think that always learning and evolving. Keeping an open mind is huge key as well.

      Step one - Think about a name that you would not mind or like to have for 10 or 20 years down the road. Something that also you can try to use for all your social media plate forms or some kind of different variation of it so people know it is you. Example My twitter name is Elittlecrafter   

Step two - think about what you want to share with the world, what is your passion and how many day can you podcast and/you tube.

Step three - The description of your channel and podcast the same if you want to do both. Even if you do one or the other you have  same detailed as possible short and to the point.

Step four - think about cameras, lighting and editing software. You make have to think about a mic and head phones as well. You have to start of with what you have and then go from there. There is a ton of you tubers, podcasters and books that can help you with that.

Step five - think about art work your cover page on you tube and podcast. This should also should be used for your other social media plate forms. This could be drawn out or a simple awesome picture of yourself.

Step six -Read all the do and don't of you tube so your videos don't get flagged or even worse lose you channel.

Step seven- follow people, don't get to comment back and leave comments on their videos as well.

Step eight - Be yourself and have fun. Prompt yourself but don't do the spam for spam thing or the follow for a follow thing. Some people wont take you serious. Some may even mark you as spammer.

Step nine - This one I am still working on & is one of my goals for you tube. Try to come some that really talk about your channel for the channel trailer, This should a short video hitting about the key notes on what you and your channel is about.

Step ten - always keep trying new things and don't be afraid to fail. I still have issues with that one myself but with time I am getting better with it.

What I use for:

Going to start using my Photo studio lighting

Editing my video I use filmora by Wondershare and I use the Filmora go for editing my videos from my phone.

For podcasting I just use the spreak app but that may change in the future and will talk to guys about that soon.

     I hope that this has helped in some way. Thank you for listen and I hope that you have enjoyed today podcast. If you have any comments, questions please leave them down below. I also could love to hear your tips ticks for how you tube and/ podcast. You can also always email at bye for now Eileen


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