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The little crater show: Haul video

So over the rainy weekend I just had to get a few things from Michaels. I have to say that this one on  252 Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn New York does not have a lot of planner items and so I am a bit disappointed but they do have a lot of washi tape. The store is nice and the staff is helpful. So the store gets 7 out of 10 for me.
      I would also love to wish everyone a happy Halloween or happy Samhain. May to be safe & blessed. I hope that you have enjoyed todays video and thank you for stopping by the blog today. If you have any comments, questions please leave them down below or you can email me at bye for now Eileen (

The little crafter show: Mix media Monday

First off would love to wish everyone a safe and happy  Halloween or happy Samhain. May your new year be safe and blessed so motto it be.

    To be honest cannot believe  Monday is already here, November is here in two more days and only three months before this year is gone. I know it's a bunch more days away but time seems to flying. Right now let us just focus on this Monday the day before Halloween or  All Hallows Eve.
     So this page was inspired by the joy of watching my mom craving a pumpkin, then taking the seeds washing them, adding some salt to them & then roasting them in the oven. I loved and still do love the glow of pumpkin with candle shining bright in it.  We don't always do this now but this page brought back all those old Halloween memories.

   List of supplies
5 by 8 handmade mix media journal  but any size will do.
Tim Holtz Distress inks in the color gather twinges. wild honey ,ripe persimmon & broken china
in the background it had the sa…

Arts, crafts & evertyhing in between: Fall 2017 Tv

So it is that time of year where things go bump in the night and theirs finally something good to watching television. Here are my top picks for fall TV viewing.

My top fall TV shows:
Kindred sprits  on TLC on Friday's 8 & 7c also on at 9 & 8c
I thought the show was called a haunting in the woods but it's not it is called  Terror in the woods   on Destination America on Tuesday's 10/9c
Haunted Towns  on Destination America: Sorry could not find the time but I am sure you can find it on.
A Haunting  on Destination America on Mondays 10/9c
Evil things on TLC right after Kindred sprits    
Ghost wars on SYFY on Thursday 10/9c
Superstition on SYFY Fridays 10/9c
The Exorcist is on show I did forget to add to the podcast so I am adding it now, on Fox Fridays 9/8c
Lucifer on Fox Mondays 8/7c
The Blacklist on NBC Wednesday8/7c

     If you have any comments, questions please leave them down below or you can always email me at Thank…

The little crafter show: Wresting inspired shirt part 2.

I am so very sorry that I was unable to show The cricut easy press on video but I do share my do and don't of how to use it. The Cricut  easy press is a great tool and I would highly recommended if you want  to make iron on items. It is easy to use, not heavy and portable.
     I do high recommend getting a very stable table, not an ironing board and something that will protect the area that you will be working since the easy press does get hot. Keep the guild handle or you can print it out from the cricut website.

     Thank you for watching if you have any comments, questions please leave them down below or you can always me at bye for now Eileen (

Supplies that I used:
Cricut design space Cricut iron vinyl Cricut easy press

The little crafter show: Mix meida Monday

Well I am finally here on the blog sharing with you all a mix media Monday journal page. It feels like in forever since I have worked on my journal. It also felt really good and I hope that you enjoys page.
     It is a fall themed. simple and very fun page. I kept it simple and colors to match the season. Pants, inks and stencil are just a few things that I used on this project. I hope that you enjoys todays video and thank you for stopping by the blog today. If you have any comments, questions please leave them down below, or you can email me at bye for now Eileen (

List of supplies:
5x8 journal but any size will work. Gesso which was already on the page from another page Tim Holtz stencil tag Liquitex acrylic paint in the colors Prima blue and light blue violet Tim Holtz distress inks in the colors worn lipstick, wild honey, gathered twigs, crushed olives and ripe persimmon. make up sponge a heart and paper fram…

The little crafter: Wresting inspired iron shirt.

Thank you, everyone, for listing to this week's podcast, and I hoped that you enjoyed it. In keeping with the theme of wrestling. I have made two designs inspired by wresting. The video will be in two parts because I did not want to go them long. I hope that you enjoyed them and again thank so very much for your support.

     So first up this one is called the king of the ring.  Wresting's a big match, and on the back, I added a phrase that my son loves to use, so I added that to the back of the shirt to make it even more special for my teen. The image of the ring can be found as a free file online, I also can be bought on an Etsy and can be made on Cricut design space. It is so fun and simple. I have to say the free online SVG inspired the design, so I challenged myself to recreate. I know it made for a long video, but the results were so worth it.

So, all I used for this design was a diamond, rectangles and just searched for a pole. Resizing everything to fit, the hardest pa…

Arts, crafts and everything in between: Talking about old wresting with Mr.Des, my son

So this is very fun light hearted podcast. I am thrilled and so happy that David wanted to take part in making a podcast with me. I've always tried to get him to craft with me on the little crafter show but that may never happen so I will take this. I am over the moon to have my very special guest Mr. Des about old wresters, matches, a little bit of this and that.
    I hope that you have enjoyed podcast, and thank you for listening. If you have any comments, questions, please leave them down below or you can email at bye for now Eileen (

The little crafter show: Planner flip though.

Thank you everyone for watching my min flip though, I hope that you enjoy that video and this one as well. I also want to give you the heads up I have a very special guest on the Thursday podcast so please be on the look out for this weeks Arts, crafts and everything in between.
   Since I used either all or half of the Etsy seller from my MAMBI mini planner, I'll just link you to that post so you can find the sticker spread collection you liked. Again I would like to remind you all that I was not asked post the links nor am I on one's design team. I just really love the collections of stickers that I have bought and thought maybe you would like them too.

Mini planner flip though with video & links to all the Etsy sellers that used for both planners.
October planner clips

If you have any comments, questions please leave them down below or you can email me at Thank you watching and stopping by, bye for now Eileen.

The little crafter show: Mini planner flip thoug of October 2017

Well hello everyone, sorry no mix media Monday video  this week but I will get it together soon. I also want to let you know that this is not a plan with me video but a flip though video. I have already  worked on a lot of my planner spreads during my time away from YouTube. I will have bunch of other planner ideas such as planner clips and a few more other planner DYI ideas.
      I have to say that a lot of Etsy shops have really inspired and are so full of amazing items to really customize your planner. I also love the fact that they make items not just for MAMBI planners but for all. Some do special in just one kind of planner so read before buy and ask question because some times you can make some other planner items work for you planner. I just learned this and once I get better at I will pass on more information. For now here are the amazing list of Etsy sellers with their shop links. I also want to let you know that I have not been asked to do this and I am not any ones d…

The little crafter show: Planner clips for October

I have to say thank you to you tubers, bloggers and anyone that has posted a photo of you planner clips because it truly had inspired me to give it a shot. I really had a blast making them. I plan on making some more really soon for next month to match each months holiday or season.

Supplies that I used:
Cricut maker Felt - cricut and crafty cuts large paper clips glue gun with glue sticks glue- Elmer's craft bond tacky glue. sequins - Recollection sequin glitter

     For the cricut felt you can use your explore machines and I used summer sky sampler.  I was not happy with crafty cut, because I really that I like a felt that is much stiffer to craft. I also remember reading on the label that you cannot apply any heat to it. I am going to honest I am unsure if you do not have maker if that felt will work for you. If you have used and it did work I would love hear how your project turned out.
     The reason why I use two kind of glue because one is help for a quick hold so …

Arts, crafts and everything: Fall anime 2017.

Fall is here few things that I love about fall are the colors, smells and you guessed it new anime. Ok not all of them are new. Some are returning favorites.  So here are my returning and new anime for fall 2017.

     So sit back and relay with a some pumpkin coffee or apple tea with a cozy blanket and I hope that you enjoys today's podcast  If you have an comments, questions, please leave them down below, or you can email me at bye for now Eileen (

List of fall anime I am watching:
Elegant yokai apartment life - Crunchyroll
Natsume Yujin-cho 6 , seems like a new OVAS will be showing up - crunchyroll
Blood blockade battlefield and beyond - Crunchyroll, funimation, & hulu
Code: Relize- Guarded of rebirth - crunchyroll & hulu
Gargo - Vanishing line - crunchyroll
Kino jounrney - the beautiful world - the animated series - crunchyroll & hulu
Juni taisen - Zodiac Wars - crunchyrolls & funmation

The little crafter show: Cricut haul vidoe

So you know I love my cricut and just had to get the new cricut mystery box and a few other things as well. So here is a new video for you guys sharing my happy mail. I also have a few project videos and podcast com this week. So please come back for those. I hope that you enjoy today's video and thank you for watching. If you have an comments, questions please leave them down below or you can email me at bye for now Eileen (

Arts, crafts and evething in between: Big changes in You Tube

Sorry about the late post but there is a new podcast which I am now posting on Thursday's. We just got hit with the first cold in the little crafter home so both my son and I are under the wealth. What can I say the story of my life as a mom.

     So you may have heard you tube has made some changes if you want to be  partner which lets you monetize if you are in good standing with rules set fourth by you tube. I explain the changes and how I feel about these changes.
    As I stated in the podcast. I would love it if you subscribe to me channel only if you enjoy the content of my channel and not for the numbers. If you are a you tuber and subscribe to my channel, please let me know. I always lookin for some fun and entering videos to watch.

The over view of the you tube partnership program
You tube help
My channel

      Thank you for listing and hope that you enjoyed today's podcast. if you have comments, questions please leave them down below or you can always em…

The little crafter show: Mini happy planner.

My love and support to all those who lost someone in Los Vegas, Puerto Rico, Florida, and Texas.

    So today's post  is all about my mini planner. I was so happy how last months, monthly  and weekly spreads turned out. I have to say that I was a bit of my color range but it was so fun to see the end result. I used stickers from regular sized MAMBI packs and then I got my hands on the new mini stickers. I also  huge amount of stickers from some very talents Etsy sellers.
     I have found some from Instagram and from the awesome planner Facebooks groups that I am in. I also found some by just giving it a try and buy. I know crazy right but it paid off and now I can help you find some get planner stickers. I also would like to point out that these stickers are not just for the happy planner, so may want to go give them a try.

List of sellers:
Dutchie loves to plan.
Moore Avenue
Let go and plan.

         I will be back soon with next months. I hope that you enjoyed todays video and t…