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The lttle crafter show: September Monthly spread.

   When the trend of planning came around, it did not call to me at all. I seen a few spreads, heard about some of the planners that were published and even seen videos popping up. I have to say that I am a late bloomer to this planner trend, but I have to say that I am glad that I started because it is so much fun.
    I find that it reminds of when I use to use a planner who helped but wasn't fun because I couldn't personalize it. I would forget to use it and sometimes it wasn't what I needed. I know that the happy planner is not perfect. I would change a few things, but at the same time, there are a lot of talented people that have come up with ways to customs planners, so that helps a lot.  It reminds me of scrapbooking a little bit, and now planners even can contribute to keeping helping stay healthy.

     So this month's spread is school themed with some fall and my love of coffee. It is very yellow, with green, blues and autumn colors. It is very bright, cheerful and makes me happy to look at it. I was able to achieve this look by using different sticks and recollection washi tape.
    I used stickers from me and my big ideas.Teachers pack, seasonal sticker pack, mom's life and the rainbow pack. I used more washi tape which is from Tim Holtz or recollection. I also bought an amazing back to school planner kit from a seller on Etsy named let go and plan. I could not be happier and will be buying more kits. The colors and the size are just perfect for my happy planner.  The seller does have many other sizes from different planners in case you would like a set but do have MAMBI.
    Thank you for stopping by, and I hope that you enjoyed you enjoyed today's post. If you have any comments, questions, please leave them down below, or you can email me at bye for now Eileen.

Middle size happy planner from me and my big ideas.


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