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Arts, crafts and evertying in between : NYC school bus are in a crisis.

So I will keep this brief  and to the point, here are is all the information you need to know to get In touch with  the Office of Pupil transportation also known as OPT  you can get help for your child who is driving on the NYC school bus.

OPT - 1(718) 392- 8822, you need your route number and your child's student I.D number if you do not have then I would ask the school for.

311 - can & will connect you to OPT

To find them on line - OPT website

    Do not be a afraid to use social media to get in touch with the board of education, the mayors office or at this point call the news. I hope that this has helped and the best of luck. If you have an comments, question please leave them down below or you can email me at bye for now Eileen.

The little crafter show: September month and weekly spread.

I first have to say thank you to everyone that stayed and waited to see a new video from me. I am sorry that it took me so long but it has been kind of hard and it doesn't help if I forget to put my camera to charger. Sorry for the poor video but I will get together soon I promise.
    I also want to thank everyone for listening to the podcast. I wanted to give all a heads up. I am moving the podcast to Thursdays at 2 with an luck I can keep that time, if the not a podcast will be up on that day. So on September 21, 2017 at 2 a new podcast will be up.

    Ok so I follow a lot of planner folks who are so talented on IG.  I also been looking on Etsy for some planner stuff and I  am also in  a lot  of fb groups for planners.  Yes I am in love with all things planner. I don't care if you call me crazy, tell me that is not a craft or why don't I just use my smart phone. I am having away to much with planners. David by now things I am nuts.

   So in today's post I am …

Arts, crafters and everything in between: Life update

Well it's Tuesday once again which seems it is time for another podcast. I do want to give all a heads up that I am thinking about either this month or next change the day & time of the podcast. To Thursday at 2  pm or 4pm, I will keep you posted.

     In case a lot is going but I did say in the podcast that I would give you the information for OPT if you are in NEW York City area 1 (718) 392 - 8855 or call 311. You can also go online at OPT website

 Go fund me page- This page was set up to help my cousin that lost her home in a fire during the storm in Florida. Whatever you give is fine, prayers and blessing are always welcomed as well.

    Thank for listening today's post cast and I hope that you enjoyed today's podcast. If you have any comments, questions please leave them down below or you can email me at bye for Eileen

The little crafteer show: Mini planner

Hope you all had a safe and relaxing Labor Day. I know that I have not been making videos, but that will change. I am also thinking about adding a planner section to my website. I have been enjoying working on both happy planners and believe that it would be fun and easy to share my planners.

Today’s post is monthly and weekly spreads for my mini planner. I have once again used the school and fall themed for this month. I have used a lot of me and my big ideas aka MAMBI teacher’s sticker pack, seasonal and mom’s life. I also used washi tape and rainbow sticker pack as well.I also purchased some amazing kits from Let go and plan and Moore Avenue which both are on I finally got my hands on one of the new mini sticker packs for the mini, and I must say that I am in love. I ordered more and can’t wait for them to get here. I added different stickers from various MAMBI packs so that I either stick with my themes and color. I also added a small hello kitty sticker from Dutchi…

Arts, crafts and everything in between: Anime or live acton death note, Which is better ?

Well sorry this post is late but it couldn't be helped. Any folks in todays podcast I am joined by David my husband. We are talking about which death is better, live action or the anime. Heads up we do give a few spoilers so may want to listen until after you watch both some which are on Netflix by way.
     Thank you for listening and I hope that you enjoy. If you have any comments. questions please leave them down below or you can email me at I also would love to thank David for joining me on today's show bye for now Eileen.

The lttle crafter show: September Monthly spread.

When the trend of planning came around, it did not call to me at all. I seen a few spreads, heard about some of the planners that were published and even seen videos popping up. I have to say that I am a late bloomer to this planner trend, but I have to say that I am glad that I started because it is so much fun.
    I find that it reminds of when I use to use a planner who helped but wasn't fun because I couldn't personalize it. I would forget to use it and sometimes it wasn't what I needed. I know that the happy planner is not perfect. I would change a few things, but at the same time, there are a lot of talented people that have come up with ways to customs planners, so that helps a lot.  It reminds me of scrapbooking a little bit, and now planners even can contribute to keeping helping stay healthy.

So this month's spread is school themed with some fall and my love of coffee. It is very yellow, with green, blues and autumn colors. It is very bright, cheerful an…