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Arts, crafter and everything in between:

Can you believe it, summer is almost over, but this is what I've been watching during this hot season for the summer of 2017.
     Thank you for listening and hope that you enjoyed todays podcast. If you have any comments, questions please leave them down below or you can always email me at bye for now Eileen.

Ghost of shepherds town - Destination America Monday at 10 - Season ended
Haunted town  - Destination America Not sure of the time on this show.
The dead files - travel channel 10/9c  on Saturdays 
Midnight Texas - NBC   Monday 10/9c
The strain- FX  10 on Sundays - last season
Wynonna Earp - Syfy 10 Fridays - Season ended will be back next year but you watch on Syfy website.

Arts crafts and evrything in between: The cricut maker.

So I am back some what and so happy to be back. I did finally passed the stone and trying to get back into the swing of things. sorry I am late with this post. I did have a podcast up for yester day, just didn't get around to posting it on my blog sorry about that.
     So the thing that I wanted to say was thank you for everyone that wished me well and speedy recovery. Thank you to David my husband  for taking care of me. I am so grateful. You are the best and my rock.

    It is finally here and I am beyond excited to share with you what I think of the new  cricut maker. Since I know have it I can give my first had accounts of what I think of the machine. What it comes with and what you will have get later on. So if you have never owned a crciut or think about getting the maker this podcast is for you. I also hope that you do enjoy  and thank you for listening. If you do have any comments, questions please leave them down below or you can email me at Eileen@eileenthelittle…

Art, craftsand everything in between: Heath isses

If you have any comments, questions please leave them down below or you can email me at bye for now Eileen

The little crafter: How to upload your Greeting farm stamps to your cricut.

Sorry still recovering from a kidney stone so no mix media Monday video today. I do have this quick how to on how you would be able to use print and cut for your Greeting farm stamps.

   So only thing I was unable to show in this video is if you already have a clear or red rubber stamp. Stamp in out and then scan it to your pc and then uploaded to your cricut. I hope that you have found this video helpful and thank you for watching. If you have an comments, questions please leave them down below or you can ways email me at bye for now Eileen.

Arts. crafts and everything in between: What's new with cricut.

First of would love to wish my dad and my cousins a happy birthday. Many more to all of you and hope you all had/have a great day.

     So has you guys may have already heard, read and watched cricut has come out with some three amazing new items that are going to knock your socks off. New items and sales so believe when I tell you there is something for everyone.
   I did get bit of an update on the easy press and bright pad. The release date is either late August maybe early September and the bright pad come in four colors.
    So I hope that you have enjoyed this podcast and thank you for listening. If you have an comments, questions please leave them down below or you can always email me at bye for now Eileen.

The little crafter show: Mix media Monday.

Wow the weekend is done and it is the last Monday of July, time is surly flying. I hope that you weekend was great and that start of this week is amazing.

    As you may or may not know I am Eileen aka Eileen the little crafter and I have show on you tube called the little crafter show. For a couple of months on Mondays I have come up with weekly show called Mix media Monday. I started out working on a 5x8 hand made journal with mx media paper. Recently I started working with other sized journals on the show. I guess the reason is because I don't know what the next one will journal will take the first mix media journal place, once I am finished with 5x8 journal.
    I have a couple journals that are not finished and barley work on camera with. Two that I bought at craft store and two that I have made. So in total I have four decisions, decisions so that is why I keep switching the journal. I keep thinking it will be this one or that one. Still unsure with one but one thing …

The little crafter show: hoew to up load and find your image on design space.

Hello everyone, hope that you are all have a quick and easy how to. One of the many awesome futures of the cricut is you can up load different kind of images so you can either cut them, you can print and cut which is you can have your home printer print out the image and then cut out. You can have the image drawn out with a pen. If you not new to cricut you already know how awesome it is and what it can do.
   At this point if you new to the cricut these are the kind of files you can upload .jpg,.gif, .png, .bmg, .svg, or .dxf files. I would read if you can upload these image due to copy right laws, some sites do offer free or paid images. Skies is the limit, fun and easy to do

So once you find the compatible image for the cricut, go head and upload the image to file or desktop. I would rename the file so you know what it is and image is easy to find. I made that mistake a couple of times and it took a while to find the file.

Any way folks hope that you found this video helpfu…

The little crafter show - Mini planning for August.

Today we are working on mini planner. The back story of mini happy MAMBI planner is 1) my middle sized planner was getting way to heavy to carry around since I have the fitness pack in it. 2) I've  thinking about getting other planner for my other purse but was sure of what size I wanted to get. 3) Seen it as Michaels thought it was super cute. 4) Guess it was meant to be because it was their the second time but this time I made up my mind to bring it home. So that is the short version of my mini planner story. I also do have a blog post  on what I used and how I set up my mini planner in case you would like to know more.
    So for this video I set up my monthly spread for August and one weekly spread. I was thinking about doing more but wasn't to sure on what other flag colors I wanted to use. I also didn't want to make the video to long. If I do add any more for either planner I'll post an update.

    Supplies that I used:
The happy planner water color sticker

The little crafter show: August planner.

Well I don't know about you but I can't believe we are already in August.  So with a new moth means I can now work on my August monthly spread for my happy planner. This time around we are starting with my middle sized planner. Yes I have two, and have blogged about it before.

   I worked on the monthly and just first week in August so I can get a jump start on my planner. I used my stickers that I either got from or MAMI website

Stickers set:
Basics pack - love this pack.
Mom's live
Bright year - seasonal pack
Productivity pack
Rainbow sticker pack
Seasonal - teacher pack

Arts, crafts and everything in between: 2017 summer anime.

First off just wanted to say thank you to everyone has been listening to my show, hope that you have been enjoying the how and please follow be along. If you like please give it a heart, or hit whatever like button is on the platform that you listening on, thank you so very much.

    I also want to remind everyone that I will have a new mix media Monday video up next Monday so please stay tune for that and if you are planner lovers I have some videos about that as well. I also will be some cricut video this week or next. I am up to four videos per week but I may add a fifth day and I'll keep you all posted about that.

     So lets get into the anime. I have to say I hope more new anime come soon because for me, slim pickings so lets get into the list and where you see them at.

    Anime that I am watching for Summer 2017

Just a declaimer: this anime may be hard to watch and not for young viewers :Hell girl: Fourth twilight - Cruncyhroll. I could not find season 1-3 anywhere s…