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The little crafter show: Mix media Monday.

Yep I am back for a little while, doing mix media Monday. Since I been working on other projects and pressed for time I bragged a ranger mix media journal in the smaller size for today's project. I always inspired by Olivia my niece. We share a love for dream catchers and that is what I came up with for this today's page.
 Dreamer - mix media Monday

Supply list:

A small Ranger mix media journal, any journal will do I just happen to seen tis one first and used it for today.

scrapbook paper, mine was from a Tim Holtz collect but any paper will do to build a background.

Plate Knife that I got at Michele's craft store. I also liquitex ultra mate media gel from there as well. You can these items at an art or craft store by the way.

I also used Art anthology shimmer inks in Immaculate Minx  and clear coat in Linen

a three inch circle that I cut using a recollection punch but again any punch will do it up to you how big you want your circle or what you on hand.

The label that I made using Tim Holtz movers and shapers sizzix  Tag and bookplate die which was cut out of stick back canvas, not sure where you can buy that many more but I sure some other craft company make it.

I also used distress in the color faded blue jean

I also used a stencil from ranger ink and a make up sponge to apply the ink.

The feathers were from a recollection collection called Boho found at Michele's (sorry not sure where else to get but if you can make your own amazing feathers) 

I used double sided tape (online or craft store) and foam tape (online, craft store or any office supply store)



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#diadomino #mydiastyle #Fallfordia