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The little crafter sow: Mix media Monday.

         This was done about a month ago. This does not have video since I was having issues with my camera but I hope that you enjoy this page:  I am going to be honest with you guys was not in the mood, not feeling well and wanted to stop in the middle of page but some how I got it done. I am so happy about that and very grateful for those who atop by my blog today. I hope that you enjoy today's mix media Monday. It was one cup (10oz cup) and 16oz of spark kind of day.

List of supplies:

Scrapbooking paper.
Liquitex ultra mate medium - got at Michele's but any craft or artist store would have it.

Min distress inks in gathered twig, evergreen bough and crushed olive - you could always look on Tim Holtz website for more information 

Full sized distress ink pad fade blue jean- Tim Holtz website for more information

Craft worker stencil  but I can't seem to find it store.

Distress stain bush pewter - Tim Holtz website

Liquitex basic paint light blue violet

washi tape - got a Michele's

palate,and palate knife I got at Michel's

Foam bush from a local hardware store

Liquitex gesso

Catalyst by Princeton

black embossing power - Michele's

Versa Mark - online or craft store will have it.

      Again thank you for stopping by if you have any question, comments please leave them done below or you can always email me at bye for now Eileen.


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       I hope that you have enjoyed this show, please don’t forget to subscribe & like. If you have any comments, questions, please leave them down below, or you can email. My email address is Thank you for listening to today’s podcast bye for now Eileen.
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