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Arts, crafts and everrything in between: Some of my 2017 spring anime picks

Well let's face it spring had taken along time to bloom and in my opinion so has the 2017 spring anime season. I know there must be a lot of different reasons why but I am grateful for the few that seem really good to watch so far.

     I also would love to thank everyone that has subscribe to my spreaker channel you guys are awesome. I also would love to thank you everyone who listens to my podcast. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

     So I know that most of you are watching attack on titan season 2 but I feel that it took so long to come back, that I kind of do not want to watch. I know crazy but I may get around to it. So here are a few that I am watching now.

My pick so far for the 2017 spring anime
The sliver guardian - cruchyroll
Clockwork planet - crunchyroll
The royal tutor - crunchyroll

     If you have an comments, questions please leave them down below or you can always email me at thank you for listening, bye for now Eilee…

My website.

My website which houses both shows the little crafter show and art, crafts and everything in between. I got a new video software named  Wonshare filmore. It is so fare I have to say I am loving it but I am still learning how to use it. So this program films what is on your screen so no more shaky camera, that is a huge plus for me. I found it on You Tube looking for better editing video programs and they said free trial so what harm could that be, Right. Yes I bought, I know I am crazy.

     The point of this video is how to get around my website. The website has all the links to all the different sites that I use in one place to make following either show very simple and I hope fun. If have any problems please leave a comment or email at Thank you for watching this video and hope it helps bye for now Eileen

Arts. crafts and everything in between: Our two cents of the new sason of Street outlaws.

Well if you haven't already watch the show we do have few spoils so don't listen, watch the show first and then listen. I also want to say sorry if my voice sounds weird, still getting over this cold and my next week should be back to normal. I also want to thank David for coming on the show and helping me out.

     I want to thank all my listeners not just on the spreaker site but on sound cloud, YouTube and my website. You guys are awesome and I hope that you have all enjoyed the show. Thank you for the bottom of my heart.
     So if you have any comments, questions please leave them down below or you can always email me at bye for now Eileen.

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The little crafter show: Sorry no mix media project today

I am got hit with a cold, yep one of the joys of motherhood. My teen got sick right before he was suppose to me on spring break and now mommy has it. I am just hoping that it doesn't affect my tomorrows podcast. My voice isn't all that great OMG. Any ways I have picked a few videos that I hope that you enjoy will enjoy to watch. They are older pages but still goodies.
     If you have an comments, questions please leave them down below or you can always email me at Hope you have a great week bye for now Eileen .

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The little crafter show my Planner with planner goodies

First off I would like to start out with I would love to interview planner folks for my podcast. We can do over skype or a call, no cameras. We could just a little chat or I could send you questions ahead of time. I could just send you the questions and read your answer on the air. It is up to you.

     So I am new to planner world , well at least this one. I use to have one but not like this. It is fun but I am still pretty simple in color and design. I have seen some amazing planner out and about. I love watching the videos, think that they are pretty and cool.
     I did make a video for Face book but I kept on forgetting to make one for my You Tube channel so here it goes. If you have an comments questions please leave them down below or you can always email me at bye for now Eileen.

Amazon link - I didn't find out the exact I have but this was the closet one to it.
I also got a lot of my supplies from
I also got shopping at

The little crafter show: Haul

Wow can't believe that it is already Wednesday, this week is moving really fast. I hope that you all doing well and have a great week. So Today's video is a really a quick one and it is a haul video. I will post links so you were I got my crafty goodies. Thank you for stopping by and hope that you enjoyed today's post bye for now Eileen.

Links to store
Greeting mini stamp

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Arts, crafts and everything in between" Street outlaws vs Gas Monkey part 2

I know that it is not easy to give the fans what they want so I have to give it up for both teams for stepping up. I know a lot of rules, this and  that went on but at the end of the night it was one heck of show. My hats off to both Street outlaws and Gas monkey. I may not be a huge fan but these races were awesome.
      I am know that I am a little behind on this podcast but if you haven' t seen the show it is  a must see. I also want to express how disappointed that Mr. Aaron Kaufman is leaving. He also had one heck of a race and what a great sportsmanship was shown on his part, helping Farm truck and Asian fix their car for the next race.
     We also watched Gas monkeys farewell show to Aaron calling it the Monkey Trap, not a good name if you asked me. It helped with some question but it like there was a lot more behind the scenes in which case I wish him nothing but the best of luck in this future projects.

     I have once again thank David for coming on the show. …

The little crafter show: Mix media Monday

Finally I am back and I have a brand new mix media journal page. This page is so simple but yet loads of fun to work on. I hope that you enjoy today's page and thank you for stopping bye today. If you have an comments, questions please leave them down below or you can always email me at bye for now Eileen.

List of supplies:
Tim Holtz stress stain in Brushed pewter
NYC Manhole cover stencil and mask
Art Anthology Emerald d dimensional gemstones
Art Anthology Immaculate Minx shimmer inks 
A heat gun or tool to try the page or you can just tell it air dry.
Distress ink in fade jeans
Mini distress ink in crushed olive
Mini distress in gathered Twigs
Mini Blueprint strip - this is the closed that I can come up with because mine was a special from Simon says stamps and Tim Holtz. I used the world .
Stampendous  Aged Sliver embossing enamels
Donna Salazar Leather embossing powered
The stamp I used had been discounted
Project life  Heidi Swapp collection Roll D…