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The little crafter show: Mix media Monday

   I know I missed last week, sorry about that couldn't be helped but I hope that you enjoy today's page. I also would love to remind you to go check out my weekly Tuesday podcast show.  I also still on the hunt for anyone that loves to use planners. If you would like to be on the show, please give me an email. We can do a skype or phone call, no cameras. You could let me know if you want question ahead of time or not. I could also if are shy or don't have time I could just read you answers on air. It is up to you.

      So, on today's page. As always, I am working on a 5x8 handmade mix media journal. I gave myself a couple of minutes to pick up a few things that I would use for today’s page. A lot of the supplies from other projects from cards or treat holders. I don't think that I made a video for the treat holder since it was a last-minute project. The rest I do have videos for and I link along with the supply list. 

Supply list:

Cricut washi sheet-Super hero birthday card

Minic foil machine, foil and toner sheet- Birthday shaker card

                                                          Golden soft gel paste- to glue the pieces of paper down.

Palate knife

Deep green basis liquitex acrylic paint  

The page already had some scrapbooking paper already glued down – sorry forgot what collections these where from. I think most likely recollections band.


Liquitex gesso

Catalyst by Princeton

Punches by cutting edge

Faber- Castell pen in blue.

Thank you for stopping by today, and I hope that enjoyed today’s post. If you have any comments, questions please leave them down below or you can email me at



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