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Arts,crafts and everything in bewtween: The art of making a scrabook album.

     Well I forgot to wish everyone a happy valentines day, sorry about that hope you all have a day filled with love either for one another or self love which is just a important. We all need to learn to love ourselves to give or get the love me want.

    Well so guys already know that this season two of my podcast show and in season one I talked into great details about scrapbooking  pages but I really did not get into to much details about the album itself. The book were you are going to store these pages+98 that will hold your photos.
     Todays show is about how to make a regular size scrapbooking album and minis which are just scrapbooking albums just on a smaller scale.  You can always just buy a mini album or full size scrapbooking album at your local craft store. You can also get them online and some sellers are sell them as well. Scrapbooking albums come in many shapes, sizes and themes so the choice is up to you what you are looking for.

Supplies that I use to make my scrapbooking albums/ mini albums

I love to use chipboard covers and some times I get them from eBay or you can get them from

This is the same company that make the Zutter bind it all to make the holes in your covers.

You also get the wires or the Owire to put your book together. They have a YouTube channel as well for more helpful information

I have also use from time to time their inner pages, cover alls and everything else they have on their website to make scrapbooking album.

I have used Tim Holtz large binders, or you reach for Tim Holtz small binders, I used Tim Holtz mini ring fasters, you can just search for ring fasters which some in a wider range of sizes and colors. You can get them at your like office supply store such as staples

I have also used cereal box, pop tart box or shipping box to make an album cover. You can use ribbon and strong string for your binding.

I have also used make customable hold for your binding the cinch from we are memoir keepers, if you can find it on their site, a quick search well help you find the it. They also have a You tube channel to see it in action. they also have their own binding wires and covers for the cinch as well.

You can always just use a hold punch and the best one for the job would be crop - a- dile 2 Big bite. It maybe a little pricey but once you see the video on how it works then you see what I am talk about.

I love to use brads and eyelets, an scrapbooking store or online store would have them which comes many different companies, sizes and styles. 

Project life is instant pocket page scrapbooking which I started to use. They also have an app to create pages on line.  I also believe their are other bands with different styles to this kind of scrapbooking or you can make your own.

    So that covers they supplies and later on I will be able to share with you all on a video from the little crafter show my You tube show some of the different styles. I also going to plan on making some month album.  To inspire me to craft more and inspire you as well to give it a try. Thank you for stopping by. If you have an comments, quickens please leave them down below or you can always email me at Eileen@eileenthelittlecrafter .com bye for now Eileen the little crafter.


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