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Arts, crafts and everything in between: Life update.

Ok so mix media Monday is late but sometime during this week I will post that video. As always I will have a blog post will a full list of supplies. I also would love to wish my sister Lorraine and David , happy birthday. I also will post  a visual video  of  review for the universal holders that I bought a couple of days ago. I also have been looking for people to interview about planners. If you would love to be interview please me email me
     I hope that you enjoy today's podcast, if you have an comments, questions please leave them below or you can email at the same email listed above. Thank you for listen bye for now Eileen.

Arts, crafts and everything in between: The art of scrapbooking making part 2

While making the video for examples of mini scrapbooking albums, a few ideas came to mind and few that I thought I already covered. The information I shared in the video so after and the podcast can be used for kinds of scrapbooking albums. You may just have to change a few things here and there but it not that hard to do.

Suggested  list:
Glue that would be paper and or Fabric safe. Double sided tape or score tape Fabric cardstock mix media paper scrapbooking paper card board box envelopes of any size. Jewel box cigar box, any hand made or pre made box Score board scissors, fabric scissors and or paper trimmer exacta knife.    chipboard hard or mild weight.

     Skies the limit on what you can think of. I will be sharing more so please stay tune. I hope that you enjoy today post and thank you for listening. If you have any comments questions please leave them down below or you can always email me at bye for now Eileen the little craft…

The little crafter show: Mix Media Monday.

Yes I am on a roll for the little crafter show. Today finally is the day that I am starting up mix media Monday again. The journal I am working on is hand made  and sized at 5x8. I started off with little bit of challenge for myself to take on five - tens  minutes to look around round my studio. Picking out what called out to me to work on today's page.
     I do use a stamp that I have not been able to find a link for on line so I apologize for that. Any stamp would work well but in the end it didn't matter since image was covered up by the paint. Mix media, some times can be messy. You don't always get what you picture in your head and it is really fun. I do hope that you enjoy today's video,list of supplies that I have used on todays simple but fun page.

Suggested supplies
distress ink in the color faded blue jeans 7 gypsies and Hamptons arts  from the collections from the journey (brought at Michelle's craft store)  Liquitex acrylic basic paint in the colo…

The little crafter show: mini album examples

Well I know it has been a very long time and thank you for stopping by today's post. As promised I am sharing some examples of mini albums. I talked how to make mini scrapbooking albums  during last weeks  art, crafts and everything in between.  During season 1 of the show I went into great details of how to make a page for you scrapbook or mini. album.  This time around it all about the album themselves with a lot of details so I thought maybe I would give everyone a visional example of how I make my minis. I hope that this will maybe peek your interest to give it a try.
    I am also going to try to make a mini album once a month, a scrapbooking page and or a project life page weekly. I hope that this will so inspire you to give this hobby a try even if you buy a premade album it is a  lot of fun to work on. It also an amazing keep sake for you and your loved ones.

Supply list: card stock for pages or coving a album. scrapbooking are great way to make covers. heavy weight…

Arts,crafts and everything in bewtween: The art of making a scrabook album.

Well I forgot to wish everyone a happy valentines day, sorry about that hope you all have a day filled with love either for one another or self love which is just a important. We all need to learn to love ourselves to give or get the love me want.

    Well so guys already know that this season two of my podcast show and in season one I talked into great details about scrapbooking  pages but I really did not get into to much details about the album itself. The book were you are going to store these pages+98 that will hold your photos.
     Todays show is about how to make a regular size scrapbooking album and minis which are just scrapbooking albums just on a smaller scale.  You can always just buy a mini album or full size scrapbooking album at your local craft store. You can also get them online and some sellers are sell them as well. Scrapbooking albums come in many shapes, sizes and themes so the choice is up to you what you are looking for.

Supplies that I use to m…

Arts, crafts and everything in between: 2017 winter anime and so much more

Just off would love to wish Des my son a happy birthday. I also would love to wish Resse  my niece a happy birthday  and more.

    Well it is Tuesday and as promised a new podcast. Today we are talking about the 2017 winter anime. I give my four top choices that I currently watching and few that I think you may enjoy if you have not already seen them. First off  I start off with website crunchyroll   and then funimation.

2017 winter anime
Twin star exorcists on crunchyroll
Trickster on cruchyroll and dubbed funimation ,  only eight episodes
Blue exorcists season 2 on crunchyroll, season is also on the site subtitled and dubbed.
Tales of zestiria X, season 1,2 are both subtitled and dubbed on funimation

    So that is what I've been watching but here are a few titles that I thought you may also enjoy as well.

Beautiful bones, one that I forgot to talk about on the podcast by way that on is on crunchyroll.
Bungo stray dogs Season 1 & 2 on crunhroll
Tokyo ghoul is another one good o…

Arts, crafte and everything in between: Life updates.

So much to talk about but I have a few very important changes, most I talked about in the podcast. Some I did not and here is also a list of places that I visited while I was on vacation last month.

Arts, crafts and everything in between

1) Arts, crafts and everything in between, I have changed my mind and now  I am call this session two. I know it will need a lot of work to be as great as session  one but I know it will get there. I am grateful for your support and so happy that you all still support me.

2) I am moving the show to Tuesdays but I do not have a time in mind. Still working on that part of it.
3) I will be working even hard this time around to get more guest.

4) please be on the look out of tweet's or any social media, ideas or even if you maybe want to on the show. We can set up a pre email inter view.

The little craft show information

1) I am going to bring back Mix Media Mondays.

2) I still be making cards when I need to make them.

3) I want to start work…