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Arts, crafts and everything in between: Common sense isn't so common anymore 2

So the first on that I posted about maybe a year ago well  it is back. So first episode was about using manners. Now it is about bar hoppers so noise pollution. Yes it is so not fun to be waken up at 2 or 3 am, so not cool and I am sure they wouldn't like it if the shoe was on the other foot.      I know no one is perfect and stuff is going to happen but we should all try to remember that we are not the ones on this planet. 
     If you have an comments, questions please leave them down below or you can email at Thank you so very much listening and hope that you enjoy today's podcast. 

Arts, crafts and everything in beteen: 2017 Advocare challege

First I would love to thank my coach Lisa and the rest of my teammates. I wish you all well and you got this. You guys rock and thank you for your support. Second thing that I would like to say that each coach has their own way of coaching so when doubt ask them. Third thing read the labels, just in case you cannot take of the products and make adjustments to your plans for a successful journey.

      It has been a year and I am happy to report that I have kept 40 pounds off since I have started this journey. A lot has changed and sometimes old habits have been hard to change like not eating breakfast or trying to sticking with eating every two hours. What has stayed the same is that I try to keep my carbs and sugar as low as I can. I try to cook more, a little soda ever now and then. These small changes have been huge and I believe has helped me keep the weight off.
      I would love share some photos of what I have been eating during the challenge eating during the challeng…