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The little crafter show: Hoilday card.

   Well first off I want to wish everyone a happy holiday and happy new year. I made a holiday  card on Arts, crafts and everything in between, my weekly podcast show. I thought that if you are  anything like  me that visional cues could  help  but trust me this is a really simple but elegant card. I also been dying to put a new video for the little crafter show so here is the holiday card that I made.

  supplies that I used on todays project:
Cricut and design space. Recollection 12 x12 black and white  paper which I got from Michelle's craft store. Recollection card base 5.5.x5.5   form Michelle's craft store
Clear double sided tape
Scot form squares or mounting tape
Clear stamp which I got from Michelle's craft store.  ( sorry the package did not have a name on it)
 We r memory keeper precision press  ( link to a store but feel free to shop around)
washi or tape to hold the  cut down
Archive jet black ink

How I put the card together:
I looked under categories in cricut de…

Arts, crafts and everything in between: Come make a card with me

Well I want to first wish everyone a Happy holidays and a happy new year. I also would like to give a quick video, either later on today or over the weekend I will have the video that I spoke about in today's podcast up.

     Ok so todays I am making holiday card on todays' podcast. I pre cut all of the images using my cricut along with the software called design space, It is a really a simple but elegant card. I feel that if you change things up a bit it could be use for winter birthday card,  special event or sending a winter hello. The ideas are endless, so much fun to think about and I do hope you give a try.

  supplies that I used on todays project:
Cricut and design space. Recollection 12 x12 black and white  paper which I got from Michelle's craft store. Recollection card base 5.5.x5.5   form Michelle's craft store
Clear double sided tape
Scot form squares or mounting tape
Clear stamp which I got from Michelle's craft store.  ( sorry the package did not…

Arts, crafts and everything in between: Me in a nutshell.

I know I have done one these better but in case you are new to my podcast here are few little things about me. The only thing that I felt out of the this podcast is that I am not profession artist  or crafter. Crafting and podcasting are hobbies which I am truly passionate about. I hope that you enjoy, thank you for stopping by and listening today's podcast. If you have any comment, questions please leave them down below or me email me at bye for now Eileen the little crafter.

Arts, crats and everything in between: A little bit of this and that

So I hope that you all having an amazing day. I would love to wish my nephew Obrien, my best friend Lisa, Happy Birthday and many more. I hope that you both enjoy your very special day and if this week is your birthday, happy birthday as well.

     So this week's podcast is about a little bit and that. Video games, what shows we are watching and what anime my three top anime that I am loving right now. So as I stated in this weeks episode I am leaving the links of everything I talked about on the show. I hope that you have enjoyed today's podcast, thank you for listing and stopping by on today's blog post.
     If you have any comments, questions please leave them down below or you can always email me at I look forward to hearing from you and I'll be back with next week's podcast.

Links  (just click on the name of the show, anime and video game to take you to their site)
Kindred Spirits airing on TLC
Amy Bruni and Adam Berry…

The little crafter show: Birthday shaker card.

Well hello everyone thank you so much for stopping by today. On the blog I sharing with you all my very first shaker card. Now shaker cards a really popular, can used for an event and are easy to make. 
      For my card I used a recollection card base, recollection scrapbooking paper and card stock which I got a Michaels craft store. I also used Heidi Swap Minic 12x12 scrapbooking paper with some sliver foil paper. I also use a 3 inch recollection circle punch and some vellum from Ellen Hutson LLC. I used a star punch with some sliver paper, wink of Stella glitter pen. I also used two different kinds of Tim Holtz tissue paper. I cut out a banner piece and had the cricut write out happy birthday for me.
      I used three different kinds of glue for the card. I used score tape or doubled sided tape, foam tape and scout quick dry adhesive. I colored in an image from Santoro gourjess girl Hatter with my spectrum noir makers. On the inside of the card I made an envelope using my …

Arts,crafts and everything in between: Crafting with inks.

I first would love to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving or happy holiday.  As promised I talking about inks on this week's podcast. It was fun, neat and cool to relearn all about inks. Each ink is formulated differently and in a rainbow of colors. It can be a bit overwhelming but trust me it is not. I find that each company has so many help with a blog post, videos or you can always email them for help. You will learn pretty quickly and crafting with inks in no time.

Links of inks I use.
Archival ink from Ranger ink
Distress inks Ranger inks
Tsukineko Momento ink

Arts, crafts and everything in between : Stamping tools.

It is nice when crafting gets a little bit easier especial stamping. For me it is one of the trickiest things to do.  Just like I had questions like what is the difference between a red rubber stamp to clear ones, what size block to use and how much pressure to a ply.  I know you may have some questions about inks but I thought I would start off with the tools that help us get a clear and centered stamped images.

    Here is a list of stamping tools that I have mentioned in todays podcast. If you have an comments questions please leave feel to leave them down below or you can email me, thank you for listening and bye for now Eileen.

Links for stamping tools:
Stamper Secret Weapon
Precision Press 
Easy Press
My Links:
You Tube channel

Up and running

So today I am so happy to announce that, Eileen the little crafter website is up and running. I finally worked out the last little details. I hope that you all in the site. The site keeps everything that I am working on in one place so you get confused or go crazy looking for a link. Links are also up on the website if you would like though Spreaker and You tube. I also have links to this blog as well

     Thank you and have a great weekend bye for now Eileen. - website - podcast - You Tube - blog

Starting over

Ok so I shot myself in the foot but all I can do is pick up the pieces and move on. I hope that you will all follow me along. I thank you for your understating and support.

     So the podcast is up and some what running.  The name of the show is called Arts, crafter and everything in between. I have a few things here and there to work out but for the most part me are still working on podcast. Thursday seem like a good day. Older episodes of the podcast are on my you tube channel.

     As for my crafting channel and lifestyle change channels. I kept the little crafter show but not the other one. It was a bit to much for me. I also felt that at time it was better to podcast about.  I at times still having issues just keeping up with my crafting channel so that is what I am going to try to work on as best as I can.

      So for those of you that don't know me my name is Eileen Aka Eileen the little crafter. I am stay at home married  mom who has a passion for  arts, crafts an…