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The little crafter show: Patty day mani

First off I am s very sorry that the first half of the video is a bit off I have been need to get back into the swing of video making. I will list all of the items that I used in this video here.  All the items that are in this video have been bought by me.
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What I used in the video
For my basecoat: Sally Hans nail harder Miracle gel Birthday suit (2 coats)
Manioloy limelight as base color ( 2 coats) and stamping polish Maniology soft sage as base color (2 coats) and stam…
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The little crafter show: Feb mani x me subscriptin box

So I know this is late but I filmed it and every put during February, two said I was going to share more nail related video and three getting back into being a creator. I have missed filming, editing, and blogging. I have missed sharing all the cool new things that I have tried and learned.      I am happy to say this is third mani x me box(#manimebox)  from formerly known as bundle monster (BMC) I have heard about their subscription box but at the time wasn't really into my nails. One day I looked into after getting another email about it and got it. I have to say that I have been happy so far and look forward to each month's new box.
     They have to different subscriptions box s one has two one is called the mani x me monthly club which is $25. This box has  2 Exclusive Stamping Plates, just for members, 2 New Coordinated Stamping Polishes, surprise gift every month, free U.S. Shipping and a lot more cool stuff.
     The other plan is called mani x me mon…

Hi everyone

So I am going, to be honest, and tell you the truth. I have been off my game due to a lot of this and that. I am slowly trying to get back into being a YouTuber, blogger, and podcasters. It has not been easy but I will slowly try my best and get back to what I love doing which is being a creative person.  I just want to thank those who have stayed by my side and there support. I will be posting as more as soon as I can bye for now Eileen.

Hello everyone

I know that I have been MIA, but I just wanted to wish all of you happy holidays.

I will try to get back into blogging, videos, and podcast again in the year until then I am enjoying a much-needed break. I hope that you are all well and are all well. Bye for now Eileen

Arts, crafts, & everything in between: My review of Netflix'd She Ra.

So if all the buzz & excitement around the new She Ra & the princesses of power airing on Netflix. I had to watch. In this podcast, I give you what I liked about, a bit of a rant & hopefully not too many spoilers.

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The little crafter show: Dia&Co activewear unboxing

I am excited about this activewear box, I share what is inside, what  I kept and so much more. I hope you have enjoyed this, please don't to subscribe to my channel and give this video a thumbs up.
     If you have any comments, questions, please leave them down below, or you can email me at Thank you for watching today's unboxing video bye, for now, Eileen

List of items in my box
Rsport Moss short sleeve tee Black $50.00 4X Active Zone hydrangea Tee Purple $28.00 4X Rainbeau Curves Murryay zip front bra Turquoise/black $35.95  4x (26-28) Rainbeau Curves Daly bomber Black $59.95 4X
#mydiastyle #fittothrive #diadomino

Arts, crafts & everything in between: Am I still watching Dc universe Titans

So finally episode five of Titans is here on DC universe streaming service & I review whether or not it still worth the watch. I also try not to give way to many spoilers, sorry it is hard then it sounds. Anyways I hope that enjoy today’s show, please don’t forget to like & subscribe.
     If you have any comments, questions, please leave them down below, or you can email me at bye, for now, Eileen www.eileenthelittlecraftershow

Jessice IG name is curveswithmoves