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The little crafter show: September month and weekly spread.

I first have to say thank you to everyone that stayed and waited to see a new video from me. I am sorry that it took me so long but it has been kind of hard and it doesn't help if I forget to put my camera to charger. Sorry for the poor video but I will get together soon I promise.
    I also want to thank everyone for listening to the podcast. I wanted to give all a heads up. I am moving the podcast to Thursdays at 2 with an luck I can keep that time, if the not a podcast will be up on that day. So on September 21, 2017 at 2 a new podcast will be up.

    Ok so I follow a lot of planner folks who are so talented on IG.  I also been looking on Etsy for some planner stuff and I  am also in  a lot  of fb groups for planners.  Yes I am in love with all things planner. I don't care if you call me crazy, tell me that is not a craft or why don't I just use my smart phone. I am having away to much with planners. David by now things I am nuts.

   So in today's post I am …

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