The little crafter show: Mix media Monday

So before I start an update on al cricut sale will be ending soon so head on over to my website  for links which yes I get a small commission on, just want to be clear and fair. Now let's get into some mix media fun.

     Giving myself about 5 to 10 minutes, looking high and low for what to do use for todays mix media page. This page seemed to came together like, dare I say like magic. It was so easy, fun and great texture.
     Your probably  wondering why I only give myself a couple of minutes to gather up my supplies, I don't want to over think it and I want to come together as naturally as possible. I think that if you have theme or a style then it wont come out as plan but if you go in blank working on a page, it's like magic.
   Sometimes I do get lucky an idea or style does come with little or few changes. I also feel that you take this route in your mix media work that be flexible to change. I even get luck and no changes are needed. Each page is full of su…

The little crafter show: July 2017 mystery box from cricut.

   Disclaimer: Links on this page I do get a small percentage so just wanted to be clear.

     So you know that I normally do not post on weekend but I was so excited because I got my July 2017 mystery box. This box is filled with amazing items and FIY limited. You know what means get it while you can folks. So hope you enjoy the video and get the box. I can't wait to share new projects from this and last months box so stay tune for those. Thank you for watching. If you have an comments question please leave down below or you can email me at  bye for now Eileen.

July mystery box link.- if you use this link you would like to say thank you
More cricut links on my site  - please keep coming for updated links for get sales.

The little crafter show:

Well you guys know I have been working on my new mini planner and for while now have been working on my first planner. So another amazing site that love to shop at for planners goodies and so much more is They have such great prices, you get points for shopping with them and when you tell a friend you get points as well. So it is a win, win all away around.
     Today I share my goodies at what I got at this time around. I hope that you enjoy today's video and thank you for watching. If you have an comments, questions please leave them down below or you can ways email at bye for now Eileen.

Cricut July 2017 Mystery box is here

Holy smoke guys  can you believe it, the July 2017 mystery box is here and it is Christmas in July themed.  You read it right digital cartridges is all Christmas and or holiday themed. Pop up cards, cute little boxes and 3D items and so much are in this amazing digital cartridge from cricut design space. Here
     I know I love it and I am sure you will to so here is the link for the July 2017 Mystery box.( just a quick disclaimer I do a earn a little bit of commission if you do buy from this link) Bye for now Eileen
  P.S hurry before it is gone.

The little crafter show: Chit chat and how to about Font

I have seen this site on Facebook groups and videos. It really is a great, fun and very creative sire, It has so much to offer at great prices and sometimes free. I thought that it would be great to share my love of the site and how easy it is to use. If you need help the sire does have how to videos as well.

     This is just a easy how to for windows. I also was not asked to do this videos. I found the site in June and added it yo my list of everything under the sun podcast for Arts, crafts and everything in between. I said in a video and podcast that I would make a video finally showing bit about font and finally here is. I hope that you have enjoyed this video and thank you for watching. If you have any comments, questions please leave them down below or you can email me at bye for now Eileen.

Arts,crafts and everything in between: Everthing under the sun

So it's kind been past time but I really would love to share with items that I loving and using a lot during the month June. I hope that you like it and I will post a video up soon but for now I hope that this blog post helps explain about these must have items that can still be use even in colder weather months.       If you have any comments, questions please leave them down below or you can email me at Thank you for listening and I hope that you have enjoyed today's podcast bye for now Eileen.

My list for most used items for June 2017

Adovcase shake and if you want to buy here's my link - just a declaimer did not put this on the list so you can buy, it is a product that I have been using a lot of and has helped me with my journey to be heathier person that I have been working on and will try to keep working on.  

The little crafter show: Mix media Monday.

Holy cow I did my first live on You tube , how cools is that. Well I know the camera is a little off  and I am sorry about that I will do better next time. I may do this again if I run into this lack if time problem or just record it because it was pretty simple, even if my internet was acting up.
    So todays  was inspired for my love of coffee and my happy planner. I am really trying to use items that I can relate, that inspire me, make me happy and that I love. I hope that you have enjoyed this page, thank you for watching the video and stopping by the blog today. If you have any comments, questions please leave them down below or you can email me at bye for now Eileen.

list of supplies
I used a journal that I got at Michaels, a couple of years ago.
I had used these pages for venting and then covered them up with pewter distress stain.
Scrapbooking paper - Tim Holtz band
Ultra matte gel media - liquitex brand
Yellow acrylic paint - liquit…